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Do you do novelty cakes, or writing or drip cakes?

No, we don’t do those.

Do your cakes have nuts in?

The sponge cakes are nut free, carrot and ginger cake do contain nuts.

Do your cakes contain soy or gluten?

Yes they do, just the chocolate sponge cake can be ordered GF, but will contain soy.

Can I see the ingredients list please?

Yes sure, send us a message by clicking here and let us know the options you would like ingredients lists for.

Do you do 3 layer sponge cakes?

Are the flowers edible?

Yes the petals on the flowers are edible and spray free.

Can I choose the colour of the flowers?

You can let us know broadly what colours you would like, eg pinks and whites and we will do our best , flowers are homegrown and ever changing with the seasons. The very best cakes are produced when we have artistic freedom to create a cake.

Can you create a special cake for my partner, with their favourite flavours e.g. hazelnut and white chocolate?

Maybe, send through an enquiry on our contact page. We can then let you know and quote for a bespoke cake.

How much notice do you need to make a cake?

This depends on how busy we are and what other bookings are in, booking at least a week ahead is usually great, but weekends especially fill fast, book early for a special date, we are a tiny business, operating from a home kitchen and have limited capacity for orders each day. Christmas, Valentines Day and Mothers Day book up quickly. Call or text to check availability for cake on a certain day this is the quickest way to find out 0224115853.

Do you think non-vegans will eat this cake?

Yes absolutely, our cake is inclusive and for everyone, they look beautiful and taste delicious… in fact, people are often amazed the cakes are vegan!

Are all your cakes always vegan?

Yep, we are a fully vegan business.

When do I pay?

First send through an order form, then we will email back and confirm cake details and our availability to make the cake, and send an invoice, you can pay by credit card or bank transfer, we appreciate payment within 48hours of contacting you, when payment is received, your cake order is confirmed. We don’t chase payments, if no payment is received, we assume you no longer want to order and the space is given to a new customer.

Can I pick up at 8am on my way to work?

Pick ups are 9am to 6pm, we can deliver most weekdays, and have the cake their before 10am.

How do I store the cake?

The cake will come boxed, keep it in the box covered and cool away from sunlight or heat source, fridge if you have space, but a cool unheated room is fine too.

Can I order one cupcake for a vegan coming to my event?

No sorry this is too small an order for us, buy a box of 12 and let more people enjoy Upbeet Kai deliciousness. Most people don’t believe that such delicious cakes are actually vegan.