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Vegan Chocolate and Berry Cake | Upbeet Kai Christchurch

Vegan Chocolate and Berry Cake with Buttercream

Our chocolate sponge is delicious and made with applesauce. There are not many people who don’t love a good chocolate cake, and teamed up with berries, it’s a winning combination. Choose between a chocolate buttercream or a contrasting vanilla buttercream. This two layer cake has berry and chia compote in between layers, and a mixture of freeze dried raspberries, and blackcurrants and boysenberries to decorate.

Prices start from $65.

Chocolate Orange Cake | Upbeet Kai Cakes Christchurch

Vegan Chocolate and Orange Cake

Our delicious rich dark chocolate sponge in two layers, with chocolate orange buttercream, dried orange pieces, and chocolate and orange mini truffles on top.

A delicious combination of flavours. Ingredients list available on request, contains soy and gluten. Gluten Free option available 10% surcharge

Prices start from $105.

Vegan and GF Brownies | Upbeet Kai Cakes Christchurch

Dark Chocolate & Caramelised Walnut Brownie (GF/Vegan)

Super creamy delicious brownie, we have definitely got this fudgey recipe nailed, made with dark chocolate and almond meal. Such a good seller at our markets and being GF and vegan, meets lots of different dietary needs, so great for brownie bites at any social occasion too. Oh and its superpower is that it freezes perfectly for up to 2 months. Slab price is $65, just choose your cut preference.

Lemon and Raspberry Cake | Upbeet Kai Christchurch | Home made cakes

Vegan Lemon & Raspberry Cake

A light lemon flavoured sponge cake, made with lemon zest and organic lemon extract. Accompanied your choice of either lemon zest buttercream or pretty pale pink raspberry buttercream, made from crushed freeze dried raspberries. Raspberry and chia compote in between layers, freeze dried raspberries and a few garden flowers and herbs to decorate. An option of adding lots of flowers, for a really beautiful cake.

Prices start from $65.

Vegan Carrot Cake | Upbeet Kai Cakes Christchurch

Vegan Wholesome Carrot Cake

1 deep layer of wholesome carrot cake, densely packed with walnuts, cranberries, apricot, orange juice and zest. Spiced with cinnamon, topped with citrus buttercream, dried fruit and a few seasonal flowers and garden herbs. A great carrot cake, top seller at our markets too!

(Vegan, contains gluten, nuts and sulphites, full ingredients list available on request).

Prices start from $60.

Vanilla and Blackcurrant Cake | Upbeet Kai Cakes Christchurch

Vegan Vanilla & Blackcurrant Cake

One deep single layer of vanilla sponge with whole blackcurrants baked in, and a richly coloured and flavoured blackcurrant frosting, decorated with freeze dried blackcurrants, garden greenery and a few flowers. A great flavour combination, all blackcurrant elements are proudly local, sourced from Viberi berries.

 (Note this cake contains gluten and soy, is vegan, and nut free, full ingredients list can be supplied on request)

Prices start from $60.

Vegan Chocolate Cherry Cake | Upbeet Kai Cakes Christchurch

Vegan Chocolate and Cherry Cake

Two layers of rich dark chocolate cake, with vanilla bean buttercream in between layers and on top, a thick ooy compote of bottled cherries, plum and chia seed in between layers, dotted with freeze dried cherries on top , a dark chocolate drizzle and a few garden flowers and herbs.

(Vegan, contains gluten and soy, full ingredients list can be supplied on request)

Prices start from $65.

Vegan Truffles| Upbeet Kai Cakes Christchurch

Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Our delicious truffles are made from a base of Whittakers 50% dark chocolate and organic coconut cream, with natural flavours, such as roast hazelnut, dried raspberry, almond , coffee, and orange added.

Truffles are always GF and vegan. A ‘trust the baker’ mixed box of 10 , a perfect gift, truffles store well kept cold for 2 weeks.

Ingredients list available on request, mixed box will contain soy and nuts.      Mixed box of 10 truffles, $30.

Chocolate cake with roasted, caramelised hazelnuts and caramel sauce | Upbeet Kai Christchurch | Home made cakes

Vegan Chocolate Cake with Roasted, Caramelised Hazelnuts and Caramel Sauce

Our tried and tested chocolate sponge with vanilla buttercream, combined with roasted, caramelised hazelnuts,  coconut based caramel and  finished with a dark  chocolate drizzle. Such a good combination of flavours. This cake is packed with hazelnuts, and kept flower free.

Prices start from $65.

Vanilla sponge cake with seasonal berries | Upbeet Kai Cakes Christchurch

Vegan Vanilla Sponge Cake with Seasonal Berries

A light simple vanilla bean sponge, in two layers. With vanilla bean buttercream, complimented with seasonal berries. This cake is a sure fire winner for lots of occasions, the berries will vary depending on the season, and may be fresh or freeze dried, blackcurrants, strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries, a selection of some of these in between layers and on top of the cake.

Prices start at $65.

Chocolate cake with coconut and dark chocolate truffles & salted caramel sauce.

Vegan Chocolate Cake with Coconut and Dark Chocolate Truffles & Salted Caramel Sauce

Our classic two layered chocolate sponge, combined with handmade truffles with a delicious dark chocolate and coconut cream ganache centre. Topped with vanilla buttercream, coconut based salted caramel sauce and mini Oreos. A real chocolate lovers cake this one, extra decadent with those truffles too. Available in 3 size options.

Prices start at $105.

Childrens Birthday Cake | Upbeet Kai Christchurch | Home made cakes

Vegan Children’s Birthday Cake

One for the little people! Choose the type of sponge cake, vanilla or chocolate. Both will come with a vanilla buttercream.  Add on up to three extras, options of sprinkles, mini Oreos, white chocolate drizzle, strawberry jam in between layers,  dried kiwi slices, a small amount of colourful garden flowers. A colourful, fun, old school birthday cake, that all the mini socialites can indulge in.

(Note: just let us know of any dietary requirements in the comments box, Gf only available in chocolate sponge option).

Prices start from $65.

Cupcakes | Upbeet Kai Christchurch Vegan Cakes

Vegan Cupcakes!

We have made very special cupcakes for weddings, baby showers, children’s parties, thank you gifts, they see to be just right for all sorts of occasions! Our cupcakes come in boxes of 6 or 12, are available in vanilla or chocolate sponge, with topping options of vanilla or berry buttercream . Our cupcakes are typically decorated in the Upbeet signature style, freeze dried berries and a few garden flowers.

Prices start from $32 for a box of 6, or $60 for a box of 12.